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GeoTech & Systems Ltd.

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After Sales

After Sales

The last few decades have seen a growing trend towards global competition, increased market place demands and accelerated technical changes. To match up with this trend and in fulfilment of our marketing philosophy, Geo-Tech Systems Limited seeks to provide quality products and efficient service options to all our clients. This is to ensure that our products are available to users for maintenance free use during its useful life span. Our Technical support service is strategically delivered through the following customized processes;

     I.  The installation and start-up pf purchased product

The first element of our product support following the sale is installation by our specially trained and certified personnel or representatives from our foreign partners. Then again, some of our products have pre-installed software which permits ease installation by end users.

      II.  User Training

The technologically superior nature of some types of our instrument necessitates the need for providing good training for users at a reasonable and competitive cost.

      III.  Maintenance and Repair

Historically, maintenance and repair have been the hallmark of our product support. During the years we have invested significant resources in providing this service to our clients. The company has a technologically equipped state-of-the-art servicing centre. This is to facilitate efficient servicing and periodic maintenance as calibration to appropriate standards of both optical and digital Topcon Sokkia brand of positioning instruments as well as other brands of survey instruments.

     IV.  Customer Support

Telephone advice on products is a major element of our customer support service. Our product experts give online consulting to customers to help them use products more efficiently or sometimes to trace the cause of fault (troubleshooting). Alternatively, we arrange for our engineers to visit customers on site to handle any product usage challenges.

     V.  Warranty

Over the lifetime of the product, support costs may be greater than the initial purchase price. In view of this, we offer longer warranty periods against manufacturer defects for our products which reduces the financial risk of owning products and therefore it is an important element of customer support.

   VI.  Product Upgrade

Product upgrade increases the working lifetime of the products and make them consistent and compatible with technological trend. We constantly offer customers the chance to enhance the performance of existing products through this service. We also offer clients the opportunity to swap old instruments for new upgraded ones at competitive prices.

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